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What is First SEO Consultants?

First SEO Consultants is a full service internet marketing and consulting firm that specializes in website design, development, hosting, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO) and customer relationship management (CRM). Since our inception in 2003, First SEO Consultants has been putting into action web-based techniques to ensure the success of websites that market in highly competitive service based industries.

To date, we do not have a client that has not realized at least 300% ROI in year one from our combined SEO, SEM and CRM approach. In addition, we have clients that by year two and three are realizing over 5000% return on their investment (ROI)! Show us that from other forms of traditional advertising! From website design and development, to internet marketing (including pay-per-click management) and search engine optimization, customer relationship management (CRM) and web-hosting, First SEO Consultants can help!

As internet marketing experts, First SEO Consultants create and manage a majority, and in many cases all technical (IT & engineering) and non-technical (marketing) aspects of our clients' websites. We do this in order to ultimately maximize our clients' ROI by causing sites to appear in several different places on the first and second pages of search engine results that apply to their respective markets and most commonly searched key words and key word strings. In addition, First SEO Consultants manage website hosting and have cutting edge Windows and LINUX based web servers to ensure rapid load times, site stability and industry leading uptime.

Currently many of our clients are in the real estate services and online entertainment media verticals, however, we can assist anyone or business looking to market a specific service or category through the world wide web. Also, because we are a smaller firm with a low overhead cost, we are versatile and very fast to respond in addition to offering our services at a discounted rate compared to larger slower moving internet marketing firms. If you have been thinking about how search engine optimization and increasing your business through the internet, give us a call, we would enjoy speaking with you about it!

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